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Meet the Elephants

Protesting or leafleting at a circus is a fun, an effective, and an easy way to expose Ringling's cruelty to animals. A demonstration can be as simple as one person with a sign, a stack of leaflets, and an hour to spare. You'd be surprised at how far you can get with a friendly smile and a simple question such as, "Would you like to help animals?"

To get started, just complete the form below, and one of our Action Team coordinators will contact you to send you materials and help make your event as effective as possible. Once you send us the details, we will talk with you about sending alerts for your protest via e-mail and Facebook so that we can get as many animal advocates out to your event as possible! If you're a high school or college student, consider joining the peta2 Street Team.

Please note: Because of shipping costs, this form is for U.S., Canadian and Mexican residents only. If you live outside the United States, Canada, and Mexico and would like to plan a demonstration against Ringling, please e-mail ATeam@peta.org. Thank you!

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Step 2: Which Ringling Shows Will You Be Protesting?

It's important not only to have a solid presence outside the opening-night Ringling show but also to leaflet at the other shows in the days afterward. We recommend starting your protest 60 to 75 minutes before the show begins so that you can distribute leaflets and talk to people who are planning to buy tickets or attend the show with tickets that they've already purchased. If you're not sure of the show times, check out Ringling's schedule here.

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Step 3: Make Your Demonstration a Success

Please check out our simple tips for stopping the circus and see PETA's Guide for Protest Organizers.

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Please note that PETA will cover the cost of shipping to U.S., Canadian, and Mexican residents. However, activists will be asked to cover charges for UPS corrections, so be sure to double-check your address!


Tell Everyone: Ringling Beats Animals!

In the Ringling Bros. circus, elephants are beaten, hit, poked, prodded, and jabbed with sharp hooks, sometimes until bloody. Tigers are viciously struck with sticks so that they'll perform difficult and confusing tricks. Be the voice for these animals by sharing this information with everyone you know. Spread the word here:

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Send a bulletin asking your friends to take action

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